Friday, March 9, 2012

Today we visited the national society of industries who informed us on their clients that they help with exporting goods. They have 1,000 clients and 100 are considered textile companies. While there the president of the company gave us a great presentation. What I took from the presentation was a need for better education for Peruvians to improve human "advancement".


Lunch was quite an experience as well. The group visited a "Chifa" which is a Chinese- peruvian fusion restaurant. It was an older local restaurant that was surprisingly really delicious.

Later on in the day we visited the Lima chamber of commerce on information on freight forwarders and how the import process works in Peru. We touched on the logistic process of customs, physical inspections, and even spanish-english labels.

For dinner the group gathered at a beautiful restaurant below the cliff that sits on the water at the local beach. Excellente indeed!

- Ashley Hardesty

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