Friday, March 9, 2012

Llama, Llama, Duck! - Friday March 9, 2012

This morning was awesome! We met with a small design firm based here in Lima - Klaud. This is a business started four years ago that does commissioned work for manufacturers or other design firms. It was pretty much the best place ever and I would like to live there. Plus they have wall art to die for. Here´s a link to their website. Check them out!
This afternoon Meghan and I ventured out to the ruins - and to see the LLAMAS or as we like to refer to them, "yamas". These ruins are in the middle of Lima and are surrounded by city. Our guide told us that these pre-Incan ruins used to be much much larger but the people built on top of them. It was quite possibly the coolest thing ever.
They had a section dedicated to the native flora and fauna of Peru. We saw some Pima Cotton and a ton of beautiful flowers. Most importantly there were LLAMAS. Meghan and I were super jazzed about some llama time mainly because we have been singing this song all week.

LLAMA (alpaca)

And here I am with a llama - aka my best friend.

And here is Meghan with a llama.

We had tons of fun exploring the history and the culture of Lima! Katina and Ashley went shopping this afternoon in Kennedy park and bought things from local artesians.

Tonight we went to dinner at a really nice Peruvian restraunt. We were joined by the two ladies we met earlier this week at the US Embassy. One was with US Foreign Services - based in Peru - and the other was with the US Department of Commerce - based in Illinois on temporary assignment in Peru. Dinner was traditional Peruvian food and was delicious! After dinner our fearless leaders - Bill & Fred - gave each of us awards. It was a fun time had by all and a great way to end our trip.

In short, today was a really great day.

We have to be on the bus at 4:30 in the morning to catch our flight back to Miami and then on to RDU. We land in Miami around 1:30 so hopefully we can catch the tail end of the game - GO PACK! It has been a great week. I had no idea what to expect coming into this week but any expectation I had has been blown out of the water. I have learned so much and met lots of great people. I can´t wait to take all that I have soaked up here in South America and let it mold my future.

Adios for now Lima, we will be back!! (and we will see Machu Picchu next time)

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