Monday, March 5, 2012

AA & US Embassy !! - Monday March 5, 2012

Today was our first industry day and let me just say it is going to be difficult to top! I feel like we have been in Peru for 2 weeks when its really been two days.

We began the morning at American Airlines. They have sponsored our trip and have been very gracious to us throughout the process. They spoke with us about how they do business in Latin and South America. It was very interesting. They focused on how they cater to small and medium businesses and accommodate their needs. They also touched on some of the key differences in doing business in Peru versus the United States. Frank Smith is based in the American Airlines office in New York, met us in Miami and has accompanied us thus far on our journey. He is very knowledgeable and super nice so if anyone needs a contact, hes your man!

We then went to Wong which is best compared to a Target in the US. It was interesting to see the differences in how people shop and how the retail system here works. They also had a corn-mobile. (see below)
We then went to lunch near the US Embassy as that was to be our next stop. We wandered in and waited a while for our food but I was pleasantly surprised. We had an array of lovely appetizers and then I ordered the risotto with cheese and steak and it was quite festive. (see below)
We also got to try the Peruvian corn which looks like our corn on steroids!
After this (too) filling lunch we walked over to the US Embassy. We promptly gave up our phones, cameras and other electronics (my never know?) and entered into the Embassy. We heard from Sheryl Moss and two of her colleagues about the economic and political situation in Peru. It was very interesting and informative. I had no idea the extent to which Peru has developed! I studied abroad in Hong Kong and quickly saw the resemblance in development between Peru and China. The similarities are uncanny and I´d assume they are similar in any developing country - these are just the two I´ve seen up close and personal. Here is a picture of the Embassy! The inside was beautiful as well - Meghan loved the stars on the walls - but unfortunately we were not allowed to document that.
Also, for your viewing pleasure, here is a street sign that we found rather amusing. It might not be to everyone but I thought it was funny.
Also here is Ashley at the ranch yesterday in her very festive hat!

Hope you feel thoroughly informed!
Until next time,

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