Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

So excited to be leaving for Peru today! I finished packing late last night with the help (or was it intentional hinderance) of my Lhasa Apsos, and a good night of sleep before leaving for the airport. Checked the weather in Lima one last time and around 11am was picked up by my sister. After a pit-stop at Best Buy to exchange a memory card for my camera we headed off to the airport.

 So our journey begins! Fifteen of us going on this trip, many of us meeting for the first time today at the gate before getting on the first leg of our American Airlines  flight to Miami. The flight down was rather rough due to the terrible weather, but nobody got sick thankfully. We picked up another passenger in Miami, and after a very short layover got onto our next flight to Lima. I was fortunate on the flight down to Lima to sit next to John Loyack from the NC Department of Commerce who is here with us, and enjoyed talking with as well as picking his brain for input on the research paper I'm currently working on (if you read this John, thank you!)

Six plus hours later we arrived at the Lima airport, picked up our luggage, a few of us exchanged money, and then we headed outside where we were greeted by Our first guide Jose & driver Jimmy. Another 45 minutes later and we were at the hotel; by the time we were checked in and Ashley & I got into our room it was one in the morning & we were exhausted! The hotel Casa Andina, where we are staying, is lovely and the beds are extremely comfortable too. Went to bed before getting a chance to write and post this yesterday, had to rest up for all the excitement that began today here in Peru.

- Katina Gad

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